"In our market,  building credibility is essential since we are in a space that is typically very conservative.   Spicetree helps build local stories to put a real face on traders that  trust and have confidence in our solution.  At the same time, they create visionary pieces that keep us ahead of the pack and  show  we are true innovators.  They also are available to provide advice and their expertise whenever and wherever required, proving their customer commitment, time and time again."

etoro CEO

Yoni Assia, eToro CEO and Founder
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eToro's mission is to make trading simple, transparent and available to everyone by providing  the industry's largest social trading network and an innovative, advanced online   trading platform .  Since they had a large broad based addressable market to conquer but also extensive competition from  both small providers of financial trading software and large brand name online investment firms , eToro was looking for a PR company with global reach that could help build their reputation as a provider of superior online trading tools and as a source of market expertise.
Spicetree was pleased to take on the challenge. We began working with eToro in the UK and after delivering results that surpassed expectations and more than doubled eToro's coverage  goals, we expanded the program to Italy, Germany, France and Australia.

The product: Online social network and financial trading platform

Objective:  Build credibility and awareness across Europe, in the UK and Australia.
What we did:  Conduct trading competitions with first time investors covered by mainstream and trade media showing the lifestyle angles of trading, establish columns for market research and analysis reporting on ongoing market trends and developments , develop thought leadership content with long shelf life that could be translated and placed across the globe.
Being a global program enables us to leverage successes of each region internationally  bringing maximum value  to the PR program overall.

Results:   eToro receives on the average 5-7 quality articles a month  in each of the regions we cover. Coverage includes  a great mix including in-depth quality articles from interviews with Yoni Assia, thought leadership articles on topics such as 'Top Tips on Social Trading' or 'Retail Investor versus Institutional Investor',  market news covering timely industry trends and ongoing company news.