"Spicetree  provides us with  strategic advice and direction to maximize every opportunity.  Their model of working closely on strategy and messaging  here in Israel combined with the local contact on the ground   was  a powerful combination that gave us the exposure we were looking for."

Lianne Schneider

Lianne Schneider, Director of Global Marketing


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UK is an important PR region for MediaMind, as the international center for marketing and advertizing.   But with all the available opportunities,  MediaMind  felt they were not receiving the right exposure in the right places. By tapping into the variety of content  available from MediaMind,    customizing news pieces based on the preferences of the editors, Spicetree was  able to significantly increase the quantity of articles, depth of exposure and reach MediaMind's top targets.

Given the success in the UK , Spicetree has expanded the program to include France.

The product: Online ad serving platform

Objective: Build awareness  and credibility in the UK

What we did: Spicetree recognized the great potential in the depth and variety of the  marketing content that could be tweaked slightly for PR purposes. We began a process of casting a wider net  by reaching out to more media outlets including ad creative, advertiser verticals, and general marketing journals.  We defined up front, editor preferences for content tone and format to create  content exclusives.   In addition, we began a process of inviting market influencers to be briefed by MediaMind executives on market trends and business developments.   . 

Results:  MediaMind receives on the average 5-7 quality articles a month  in a mix of industry journals and verticals for key advertising markets, including New Media Age, Brand Republic, iMedia, Netimperative,  Campaign, Mobile Marketing,  Media & Marketing, Digital Figaro, Cream and others.