Servicing the Media

We service not only technology companies but also media and analysts by translating our clients’ industry insights and field experience into news they can use.

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Our Services

Our services are not one-size-fits-all. for each client, each business goal, and each target audience - we craft the right mix of services based on your needs and budget.

We have experience not only marketing technology but also developing software systems so we can ramp up quickly on technical issues and terminology specializing in a wide range of sectors, including Mobile (devices, services, software), IT security, online marketing, semi-conductor, Internet TV and real-time operating systems.


  • Strategic Communications Planning: Develop an annual plan based on brand perception audits, competitive landscape analysis, and business goals.
  • Media Relations: Achieve a constant flow of on-target, on-message media coverage in
    online print media and blogs.
  • Content Development: Develop marketing materials to define stories and influence
    media including messaging architecture, press releases, contributed articles, Q&A,
    abstracts, analyst/journalist presentations, corporate presentations and company
  • Analyst Relations: Establish and maintain close relationships with key industry analysts to receive third-party endorsements, recommendations and favorable coverage.
  • Awards Program: Leverage influence with media, analysts, industry associations, and event organizers to select and
  • Media Coaching: Training prior to media outreach with short refresher prior to each
    meeting and feedback immediately following. target the most relevant and high impact opportunities.
  • Event Support: Maximize marketing and public relations opportunities around leading