Give your news a longer shelf life

Ways to pull more leads into the funnel


As the business impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is yet unclear, more than ever companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and stretch their marketing budgets.

However, cutting expenses too deep could risk reducing market presence, at a time when companies can’t afford to fall off the radar and miss sales opportunities.  

As your PR partner, we know more than anyone the time and effort it takes to come up with compelling stories and then push them through the approval process, distribute, promote, and publish in a top tier publication.

So why not leverage your PR content after it’s published for added exposure?

Here are some tips on how to amplify the success of your PR program by increasing the shelf life of your thought leadership articles, news pieces and editorials:

  • Blog about it: You’ve written a great thought leadership article or released some strategic news? Write an engaging blog post to tell your readers about it. You can feature key takeaways and a call-to-action to ‘find out more’ or ‘get in touch’. In addition, unlike PR content, in a blog you have the liberty to brag about the underlying technology behind the visionary piece or news you released, and even include any relevant case studies.

  • Leverage PR to help your sales teams close the deal:  When good things happen, don’t just sit back and wait for your target customers to beat a path to your door. Share the news.  Package the news piece as an item in a customer newsletter, or send it out in an email to your clients and prospects with a nice graphic and a powerful message explaining why this particular story or news item is relevant to them.   This will give sales an excuse to contact their clients and prospects which can accelerate response times and increase the probability of closing sales. 

  • Share across your social media: Use your social media channels to promote it. Talk it up in your company’s accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Ensure your news and articles reach your followers and new audiences. In addition, you will also drive traffic to your site and makes you a go-to resource for industry buzz.

By sharing the fruits of your PR program, you expand the reach of your news, to drive more website traffic, generate more leads, and reduce the sales cycle, without any additional content creation or advertising costs.

The media doesn’t  have a monopoly on your news, so by all means SHARE IT, to ensure that your story is seen not only by the readers of the outlet, but also specifically by your customers and targeted leads.

The added exposure and validation will boost the exposure of your company, products and brand, increase search engine visibility for your website and help ensure you are top of mind with industry influencers and key prospects, and come out strong on the other side of the pandemic.