Where has the trust gone?

Be a truth creator by building solid stories 

The integrity of news sources is eroding rapidly- – especially in the US – whether it be bias based on political affiliation, or the fear of Russian influence and fake news sites pushing a certain agenda. The fear of using false claims to manipulate opinions is reaching a new high as viewers are glued to social media and live news, hanging on pins and needles, awaiting their fates during the pandemic. And with a very important day coming soon – ah em – election day that is – all sides are casting doubt on the other, and voters are hoping that the broadcast news media can be the final source of truth like a home crowd in the stands. 

With the growing popularity of content that is outrageously false social media giants, Facebook and Twitter are being asked to take responsibility for the validity of the content.  But let’s face it, this demand is totally unreasonable.  There aren’t enough bots or sophisticated machine learning programs that can scan, search, identify, and validate every claim that flashes on a screen.

Truth be told, it’s like everything else in life – you, as an individual, ultimately hold the key – hold the key to find the truth, to the belief, to the actions….you make of it what you make of it…’c’est la vie’…In this era of always on news and the unlimited flow of media content whether broadcast, print or social – we, as consumers, must decipher the truth from the lies, the fact from fiction. This truth will obviously vary wildly from person to person, and thus the media delivering the message. At the end of the day, everyone needs to have a unique interpretation of the truth And so different sides of the same issue are born. 

So what does this mean for PR?  When your company discusses trends in the market, pain points for customers grappling with digital transformation and the impact of the coronavirus crisis,  new technologies, with all of the advantages and challenges, they want a fresh opinion that weighs and considers all the angles and provide a full analysis.

They expect content that includes an argument, based on solid facts with well documented sources, they want to read content that tells a true story and tells it well.  That’s why in this day and age having PR that shows solid wisdom and vision can be the best way to gain customer trust.

Here is where a good PR team really comes into play, helping you to navigate the media landscape and cut through the noise. A good PR Pro will craft unique messages that resonate with your core audience and add value with facts and examples. And on the flipside, your PR partner will also be a strong ally to the journalists – feeding them something useful, honest and real. We all know the world doesn’t need any more spin doctors. 

So…No, don’t  blame the media.  Instead give them the content that you as a reader want to consume, something factual, real, something that educates, considers things in depth and engenders trust. No worries, Your PR professional is there to guide you.